Monster Hunter World preps November Resident Evil collab, counts 14M sales


If you twist them enough, the parallels between single-player zombie horror series Resident Evil and multiplayer action RPG Monster Hunter: World can be found. They both have monsters in them… and… yeah, actually that’s kind of about it. Then again, they had Final Fantasy XIV and The Witcher collabs, so really the only rationale one needs sometimes is “this seems like fun – let’s do it.” It’s in this spirit that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is going to kick off its Resident Evil collab event in November.

Details on just what’s in this crossover event are sparse, as there’s only a trailer to go by. That said, this crossover seems to be full of goodies for Resident Evil fans including Leon and Claire skins, what appears to be a zombie power that makes you run around like hungry undead (and also makes you impervious to poison damage), and some weapon attachments including the Umbrella logo, the S.T.A.R.S. logo, and even the Tofu Survivor. Stranger still, there appears to be a cabin that looks like the interior of the main foyer from the mansion in the first game and a skin for your handler that turns her into Mr. X. Honestly, the whole thing has to be seen to be believed.

The Resident Evil crossover will arrive to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players some time in November, which means it’s PS4 and Xbox One only since the PC version won’t be available until sometime in winter.

In other Monster Hunter World news, apparently the game’s now officially shipped 14M copies worldwide.

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