Pokemon Go preps World Tourism Day event as players report spawn changes


Did you know that World Tourism Day is this Friday, September 27th? Neither did I until I found out from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Pokemon Go is kicking off a week-long in-game event in partnership with UNWTO and in celebration of the day’s spirit of “responsible, sustainable, and universally accessible tourism.”

Today starting at 4:00 p.m. EDT, players can get themselves a UNWTO-branded shirt from the Style Shop, find region-specific Pokemon in 5km Eggs, find Shiny Zangoose or Shiny Seviper in their respective world regions, and even capture a Mime Jr., the latest Pokemon added to the game. Also starting today until Tuesday, October 1st, are reduced Stardust costs for trading, double the XP for spinning PokeStops, and new Research tasks themed after the event.

In other POGO news, Polygon’s collated reports from The Silph Road subreddit that suggest Niantic has altered a wide swath of the the game’s existing spawn points, in some cases adding new points but in many others removing. The company hasn’t announced any such changes, but at this point, the player analysis is compelling.

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