The Daily Grind: How do you feel about MMO cross-promotions?


Whether it’s sanctioned or not, the tradition of MMOs taking any opportunity to draw upon the popularity of other entertainment mediums has been around for a while. It seems like a pretty slam dunk way to give your game a boost, whether that be SMITE adding Mulan, Fortnite going all Harley Quinn, or World of Warships sailing over to Midway.

Our question today: How do you feel about these cross-promotions? Do they create an aura of excitement and tie your real-life encounters with these movies, TV shows, anime, and comics to your game? Or are they as immersion-breaking as they come?

As a bonus question, which online game is — or was — the most shameless when it came to plugging in these promotions to other entertainment venues?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Robert Mann

The problem with MMOs is that usually there is no ‘wardrobe for people wanting to exclude tags X,Y, or Z’. So when you introduce all kinds of stuff that is at odds with the rest of the game, or which is not something that I do want to see, I find myself considering it a detriment.

Generally they seem obnoxious, they break with the rest of the world aesthetics, and they run the risk of hitting on things that are really off-putting to the point of me leaving the game. I don’t whine about it on forums or anything, although I might note it if asked why I quit.

*I’m not saying that all MMOs are equal on this either. Some are already a mess with breaking the 4th wall and pop culture. I really don’t tend to care what those games do, as I’m likely looking for other places where the fun can be isolated from real life more rather than less.*

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

I’ll play any MMO that does a cross promotion with expo markers


Depends on a few things.

If the cross-promotion is done as exclusive rewards that require purchasing or owning something outside the game, or as time-limited content or rewards: I despise those, and if I think the content good enough, or the reward enticing enough, it might make me actually stop playing. I hate exclusivity.
(This is part of the reason I left Blizzard as a whole. The whole cross-product promotion gimmick was only enjoyable back when I was purchasing, and playing, everything from Blizzard; from the moment I skipped even a single of their games, though, the cross-promotion started instead to push me away from any and everything Blizzard.)

If it’s done as paid-for, but non-limited, DLC: Meh. In online games I will only purchase it if it would still be a worthwhile purchase when you disregard the IP it comes from. In offline games, though, it might actually make me skip the game because I only get offline games in a package that includes all the DLC, and if I feel like the total asking price is too high I might simply skip the game.

If it’s done as a free and permanent addition to the game that doesn’t require purchasing anything: I tend to like those, even if they clash somewhat with the lore. They rarely, if ever, get me to check something I wasn’t already interested in, though.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

I do not mind these at all, especially if they bring something from other properties which I also enjoyed, like Nier items and music in FFXIV.
As for people who say nonsense like “OMG they break mah immersion” – what immersion are you talking about in a video game with graphics which is still far away from “realistic” and which you play by looking at flat display (not even using VR goggles)? In a video games where you cannot even look unique and must choose clothing that is preprogrammed and where you are forced to do same exact thing that all other players do, meaning killing same monsters and going through same exact story? Where you “craft” items by clicking on certain buttons on your keyboard while your in game character stands next to workbench and repeats same exact animations no matter what item of specific crafting profession it is crafting?

Seriously, all those people saying “breaking mah immersion” should not be even playing video games in current form and stick to LARP stuff and reading books.


Err…not very much. Unless WoW had a cross promo with FF XIV, where I could roll Miqo’te’s as an Allied race. /nyaa o.O


After Star Wars having an event that was exclusive to Fortnite, which revealed a major Star Wars story bit, I hate it.


Can’t make McDonald’s food worse by cross-promoting KFC there. Cross-promotions are a good sign of “quality” of the product although usually it’s obvious even without them.


Only a fan if it makes sense.

Kickstarter Donor

When the crossovers make sense it’s fine, but when they are different genres entirely like sticking a sci-fi and fantasy genre together then its nonsensical rubbish.

Also not really something you see happen in MMO’s much but typically in other genre of games.

Hikari Kenzaki

If it’s something I like and I’ll get a bit of fun out of it, sure, I’ll go for it. Otherwise, I just ignore it.
I know people will cry immersion and such but in most cases, that’s not really a thing. Sure, it may hamper the suspension of disbelief, but so can many other things in an MMO.
*20 Chosen Ones waiting in line to kill a monster.
*The great evil that the whole world fears that you waltz in and kill in 20 minutes.
*Or 20 seconds.
*The endless hoards of zombies that seem to rise up from a town with a population less than 200.
*Any situation where you, the hero, manage to kill more than 10 enemies at once and emerge unscathed.
The list goes on and on.

So bring on your Lara Croft Crossovers and your Sailor suits (seriously… I’ll buy these in any game). If it keeps the game going, woot!