There’s a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean chair available now because why not

It can be used for sitting


The world is so weird right now that the new MapleStory promotion almost feels like it’s perfectly normal. You can buy a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean chair as part of a partnership with DXRacer, which is a company that makes gaming chairs. That’s what this is. It is a gaming chair, and you can sit in it, and the back of it is decorated like an adorable little squishy character. That is what this is.

[AL:MS2]It can be bought in exchange for money. A fair amount of money, in fact, as it’s $379. It is also a limited edition, meaning that this chair will not be available forever and you might find yourself later wishing you had gotten this chair when it is no longer possible to purchase this chair. Or perhaps you do not want this chair at all. It is still a very well-decorated chair. Maybe a month ago we would have felt like this was weird, but no, right now the MapleStory Pink Bean chair feels less weird than basically everything else in daily life.

Source: Nexon America press release
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