Shroud of the Avatar lets players pick Mistrendur locations, unveils new town size


The latest Avatar’s Update newsletter from Shroud of the Avatar is all about land ownership, for the most part. Whether you’re among those players who are clamoring for some land in Mistrendur or looking for a bigger town to run, there’s a little something for the landowning Avatar to look forward to.

The land rush for Mistrendur that was previously announced on February is now officially underway, with the first bracket having kicked off this past Saturday and six more brackets every three days until April 4th, with Mistrendur site selections provided in order of when reservation vouchers were purchased.

If you happen to already own a town but want something bigger than a Municipality, then perhaps running a Megalopolis is more your speed. This new town size will bring 30 NPC buildings, 50 NPCs, space for 1500 general decorations, and 200 lights, all in a town size of 123,600 square meters. It’s like the ostentatious raid gear of land ownership! The illuminated pauldrons of city operation!

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