Shroud of the Avatar readies for the Mistrendur land rush


There’s a new parcel of land coming to Shroud of the Avatar and already players are itching to stake a claim and build on its stretches. The latest Avatar’s Update post has offered at least an initial glimpse of how this coming land rush is going to shake down for those who are ready to move.

Some time ago, reservations to add or move towns to Mistrendur were made and the time to begin selecting locations draws nigh. Site selections will be made in the order that reservation vouchers were purchased, with the first bracket of players getting to make their choices starting at 1:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 29th, until Tuesday, March 3rd. There will be a total of seven brackets of selections, with timing and other salient details available in this forum post.

The rest of the update is your usual bundle of looks at things in Vaults and an alert regarding a livestream that premiered this past Friday, which offers, among other things, a look at the sixteen new Bard skills coming to the game. You can find that video embedded below.

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