RuneScape patches in quality-of-life and asks players to fill out a survey


This week in RuneScape is pretty tame overall as far as updates go. There is the Double XP Weekend Extended happening, of course, but for the most part the updates in Jagex’s weekly digest are mostly focused on smaller matters like quality-of-life and a survey about player engagement.

The patch in question does make a number of improvements to the game that should likely be welcome, like the ability to stack flies in your inventory (enjoy that mental image), some adjustments to the Invention Make-X interface, better visibility of messages for mobile users interacting with the Slayer Rewards shop, and a host of other nice little changes.

The update has also alerted players that Desert Pantheon and Dwarven Instinct Auras are available to everyone, and a player engagement survey is being offered asking players for feedback on the latest updates and how the devs are communicating with the playerbase; if you have strong opinions on those matters, it might be in your best interest to take a moment to fill that out. Then you can get back to stacking flies.


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