Closers promises new zones, challenges, and mysteries in new Busan region

Just in case you missed out on the launch last week, allow us to offer this friendly reminder that Closers has opened up the new Busan region, which brings a number of new things for players to do and more enemies to unleash their psionic high schoolers upon. The game’s site invites players to take on the new challenges in Busan and uncover the mysteries lying there.

“Across the Korean peninsula from Seoul lies the bucolic coastal city of Busan. Until now, its mayor has resisted UNion’s efforts to place a chapter of Closers there, but a recent incursion of dimensional monsters sends Sylvi and her combined squad flying in to investigate. And you’re invited!”

If none of that is incentive enough, there are other things being offered to Closers players like a login event as well as a Welcome Box for new or returning players full of goodies. There are also a variety of Alice in Wonderland-themed cosmetics waiting for players in the game as well. And if you’re at all moved to purchase stuff from the EMP Store, there are a number of limited-time discounts to take advantage of as well.


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Jeremy Barnes

If they promised real controller support..I’d be more interested.