Geralt of Rivia arrives to Fortnite as battle pass cosmetics and an in-game task list


Fans of the RPG series The Witcher already know that its main protagonist Geralt of Rivia gets around, but he’s also been getting around in other games as well, making crossover cameos in several different titles. As of this week, the titular monster slayer can now add Fortnite to his retinue of game collabs because why not.

The highlight of this cross-promotion is the current season one battle pass for Chapter 4, which awards a host of Geralt cosmetics including an outfit, an emote, a back bling of his two swords (remember, silver for monsters, steel for humans), and a spray. Unlocking these rewards will require the completion of certain tasks, and players have to purchase a battle pass besides.

Meanwhile, the collab extends outside of the battle pass with the School of Llama task list that will award things like a banner, emoticons, a silver sword pickaxe skin, and XP. This list of tasks is available for another 29 days, so players who are interested in getting more Geralt swag will want to log in to the event site and start clearing the checklist.

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