PlanetSide 2’s Love Letter update kicks off Valentine’s Day content for the weekend


As promised, Daybreak rolled out the “love letter” update to PlanetSide 2 last night. The patch buffs anti-cheat measures, adds Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR functionality, improves API access, adds server performance profiling zones, reworks reflex sights, grants super cheap gender change tokens, re-enables remote vehicle spawning, adds more character slots, tweaks capture mechanics, deletes continent-capture benefits, and implements the game’s traditional Valentine’s Day event, which runs through only February 14th.

“The Depot has received a bundle containing a lovely new NSX Amaterasu variant, as well as the return of Valentine’s Day offerings from previous years,” Daybreak says. That’s a cash-shop bundle, mind you, though there’s also a new directive with the “Huggable” title and new matchmaker daily missions for the duration.

“Work on the construction revamp is well underway as we develop the tech needed for updates to modules, clean up problems with existing assets, and develop new placeable objects, like the Command Center below,” Wrel tells players by way of teasing future updates.

“We’ve also taken feedback on the design into consideration and amended some points of execution, like the ANT’s harvesting capabilities. Instead of chunking bits of cortium that then need to be scooped up, we’ll stick with the existing mining lasers, and make some adjustments to the cortium veins to make them more interactive. The current design is to add spawning weakpoints that can accelerate harvesting or give additional resources when targeted. Concerns about the need to constantly replace modules have been heard as well, and we can easily increase how long basic modules stick around before needing to be replaced. It’s still early days with the development of this update, and we’ll share more as we get further along.”

Source: Patch notes
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