Black Desert: PC tweaks the Maegu, console preps for her arrival, and mobile launches the Igneous


Pearl Abyss is having a busy week in all corners of Black Desert. Here’s what players on PC, console, and mobile can expect out of the recent patches.

Black Desert Mobile: The Igneous is officially live this week as the latest class reinvented for phones and tablets. It’s essentially the awakened Wizard class first launch on PC six years ago, but now mobile players can fling fire and water too. The studio is running level-up events through April 24th to celebrate his arrival.

Black Desert Console: Console players are gearing up for the arrival of the Maegu next week; the foxy toon’s arrival heralds a sale as well as the launch of a new seasonal server, this one featuring fishing benefits. The festivities begin April 5th.

Black Desert PC: And last but not least, home base for the MMO offered up a patch yesterday with balancing for the Maegu, who of course has already been launched there.

“The last update for Maegu saw two new Succession skills and six Skill Enhancements, with changes to balance certain skills and effects. Several of Maegu’s skills are combinations of various effects, and we have adjusted a number of such skills in this week’s update as they exhibit overwhelming capabilities during Node/Conquest Wars. For example, the Flower Shroud applies Forward Guard and Stun on attacks 1 and 2. This skill is extremely powerful during PvP as it debuffs opponents and deals significant levels of damage. Similarly, Spirited Away has Forward Guard and a high HP Recovery effect, while also dealing significant PvP damage. In order to balance these skills that apply several different effects, we have lowered the PvP damage of the two skills. Furthermore, Foxflare and Petal Play were overwhelming due to their wide range, strong CC effects, and high PvP damage. Although they remain Maegu’s primary skills, adjustments were made to distribute the damage more evenly when targeting multiple enemies.”

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