Black Desert teases work on a ‘next-gen build’ on console and readies succession skills for mobile


Much of the big news out of Black Desert’s Calpheon Ball was about the PC version of the MMORPG – there’s the launch of the Scholar class this week, a new Land of the Morning Light region later in 2024, and several overall refinements and adjustments – but that doesn’t mean BDO Console and BDO Mobile were exempt from the party. In fact, both versions of the title have some intriguing updates on deck for fans of each respective platform.

For console fans, the near future will bring an update to the Elvia monster zone that promises “challenging monsters, interesting mechanics, and higher value rewards” for sometime this winter, while the summer of 2024 is introducing a “next-gen build” that promises “many improvements” and lays the groundwork for the Scholar’s arrival later. In the meantime, console players can make use of a stats-boosting Vell’s Heart item and rake in goodies like hot time, login rewards, and various freebies via code redemption.

As for the mobile version, the updates have already begun with the launch of the Scholar and the opening of the winter season server. Further content updates planned for mobile include auto-hunting in the Great Desert, improvements to Black Spirit mode, and chaos rift updates in January, while February promises the addition of succession skills, a new open world region, and adjustments to the ancient ruins, boss rush mode, and Alyaelli’s Rift.

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