New World’s Year of the Dragon mini event rings in Lunar New Year starting February 7


Amazon’s latest New World dev blog and video is going ham on a holiday that is slowly but surely taking over the MMORPG festival world: Lunar New Year. The studio has now announced the Year of the Dragon micro event, kicking off February 7th. In honor of the occasion, players will be cooking up spicy hotpots in a giant wok, making offerings in exchange for heirlooms and blessings, whopping bosses for gear, enjoying the fireworks, and collecting sacks of gifts.

“Before corruption plagued the ancient structures, citizens of Ebonscale Reach offered tributes for good fortune and blessings,” the studio intones. “Awaken the ancient dragon spirit once again on February 7 through 20, but watch out. The Corrupted Maiden lurks in the shadows, waiting to snatch blessings from unsuspecting Adventurers. Join Longtable Banquets, Tribute Offerings, and Firework Ceremonies for event-specific rewards like Fortune’s Gift Sacks. How will you celebrate the Year of the Dragon?”

The video deep-dives the event, covering everything from the exclusive armor set to the real-world influences on the game.

Source: Official site
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