War Thunder celebrates the Lunar New Year with dragon decals and a free Soviet tank


2024 is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac, so it stands to reason that War Thunder is celebrating the Lunar New Year with dragon decals. It’s also going to mark the holiday by giving away an experimental Soviet tank, which is a little bit out of place thematically speaking, but hey, free tank!

The tank in question is the USSR Rank VII Object 292, an experimental T-80 tank that sports a massive 152mm smoothbore cannon along with automatic loading capability and a laser rangefinder. What it has in big firepower it lacks in terms of general armor protection, along with a huge amount of recoil, which probably isn’t surprising considering the length of the main gun’s barrel.

The Lunar New Year tasks players with earning mission points in ground battles at rank three or using event vehicles at ranks one and two, then spending 45,000 of those points to unlock each stage of the event’s rewards. Earning the Object 292 can be done by making it to stage eight, while other stage rewards include reward chests that have a chance at the aforementioned dragon decals, along with Silver Lions currency, a day of premium account time, and materials. The event runs between today and February 19th; more details await at the website.

source: official site (1, 2)
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