Blame for Redfall’s poor showing is now falling on Microsoft’s shoulders

At this point, you might as well stick a thermometer in it because Redfall is officially cooked. This anticipated vampire-themed looter shooter was supposed...

It’s Gloomrot launch day! Enter to win a copy of V Rising and its Sinister Evolution DLC courtesy of Stunlock

Now that V Rising's Secrets of Gloomrot is live in the early access survival sandbox, Stunlock Studios has kindly granted MassivelyOP a stack of...

Vampire battle royale Bloodhunt confirms it’s entering maintenance mode because of a lack of players

It looks like the battle royale genre didn't have enough blood in it to sustain more than a couple of titles: Bloodhunt, Sharkmob's vampiric...

Redfall’s messy release prompts apology from Xbox’s Phil Spencer

Some vampires need to be staked right out of the coffin. This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Bethesda and...

The Stream Team: Taking a nibble out of the vampire menace in Redfall

MOP's Chris is ready to go hunting! But this time it's not giant monsters or various space aliens; it's a bunch of vampires created...

Vampire hunting co-op FPS Redfall goes live tonight – here’s when it does so around the globe

Tonight is the night when FPS fans can don the persona of one of several hunters heading to help a New England town that's...

Vampire-slaying Redfall posts launch trailer prior to next week’s start

If you have your permit, then we're happy to inform you that it's open hunting season on vampires starting next week in the world...

V Rising debuts a teaser trailer featuring Secrets of Gloomrot gameplay ahead of its May 17 release

The "expansion level" update headed to early access vampire survivalbox V Rising got a pretty important news drop today in the form of a...
Oooh, mystery!

Wisdom of Nym: We don’t need another Final Fantasy XIV – we already have one

First of all, this one's for Bruno. He usually doesn't read these, but maybe he'll like this one. So we all know at this point...

V Rising drops new trailer to celebrate May 17 launch date for Secrets of Gloomrot expansion

So we already knew that Stunlock Studios is planning a big expansion called Secrets of Gloomrot for vampire survival game V Rising, and we...

Whatever happened to vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss?

You are totally excused from having to remember that a somewhat obscure vampire MMO named Shadow's Kiss was the first (early access) release of...

Eden Eternal reaffirms its global re-release in 2023 and outlines some of its future adjustments

Last month, developer X-LEGEND confirmed that it will be globally self-publishing Eden Eternal in a press release. Now that same promise has been reiterated...

Redfall tries to sell players on its story beats in the shooter’s latest trailer

Shooters of many stripes have some pretty tenuous connections to telling a story, if we're all very honest with ourselves. After all, who needs...
Actually developing a title to not be a boring slog is a skill some developers have yet to master.

Perfect Ten: 10 franchises that deserve another shot at an MMO

Some experiments are attempted once and fail, and it's not hard to figure out why that didn't work. We don't really need to take...

V Rising names its May update patch Secrets of Gloomrot and talks up its ‘expansion-level’ features

Last month Stunlock Studios tried to spin a year-long content delay for the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising as a "free expansion" with features...

Perfect Ten: 10 things I really dislike about Final Fantasy XIV

Sometimes, when I have a series of columns planned, I start off by saying, "Hey, here's a series of columns I plan." And sometimes...

Looter shooter Redfall shows new gameplay and answers questions ahead of May launch

Red is the thematic color and fall is what the vampires shall be doing when Redfall releases this coming May 2nd. For those looking...

Tamriel Infinium: 18 activities to do at max level in Elder Scrolls Online

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and so it's been with the past six months between me and Elder Scrolls Online....

V Rising’s long-delayed first major update will finally arrive in May as a free expansion

So Stunlock Studios has good news and bad news for V Rising fans today. The good news is that it's talking more about its...
We're still here, yes.

IGN’s upcoming Fan Fest features Elder Scrolls Online, Redfall, and Diablo IV

The month of February is usually associated with the cold of winter and not a showcase of game and movie trailers, but the IGN...