Vindictus pits players against a vampire gardener raid boss


After taking a brutal and unexpected axe to all of its PvP systems earlier this year, Vindictus is looking to shore up that self-inflicted wound with more content. Some of this healing comes in the form of this week’s Dead of Night update that added a new raid against a vampire boss.

This raid takes place in Sidhe Palace, where level 115 players face off against an undead bossgirl named Bres who “uses her own blood to power brutal longsword attacks.” Oh, and she also draws death magic from the roses in her garden, so she’s just peachy.

It should be noted that certain raid fights in this game, including this one, offer bonus rewards and resources during limited windows of time. However, through March 12th, Nexon is offering extra “Departure” to allow players to partake in the fight.

Source: Vindictus
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