World of Warcraft may be considering a Vampire Survivors-style bullet hell mode


World of Warcraft seems hell-bent in destroying any predictive bingo cards for 2023. At the tail end of a year of surprises, the fantasy MMO may have one more waiting in the wings.

According to PCGamerN, some recent datamining into future builds for the retail version unearthed a bullet hell mode reminiscent of Vampire Survivors. Tucked into the code for Update 10.2.5 are two specific mentions to a “Vampire Survivors Mode” and creatures for that mode. Outside of that, sleuthing turned up no further information.

Vampires Survivors is a hugely popular indie game that came out last year that’s a mix between bullet hell shooters and RPG leveling. In that title, players pick a character and wander around a map fighting an endless influx of creatures. However, there are power-ups to snatch and skills to be chosen at each level to make you more and more ridiculously powerful.

How this might translate into a World of Warcraft setting remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an interesting concept that may provide a new way to enjoy Azeroth.

Source: Wowhead
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