Minecraft Legends and co-op shooter Redfall confirm release dates in Xbox developer showcase

Earlier this week saw Microsoft and Bethesda kick off a developer showcase of titles arriving to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass, and while our...

V Rising celebrates 3M sales since early access as players await its delayed content update

Vampire survival MMO V Rising is apparently still gathering all the monies and sales: Stunlock Studios just sent 'round the announcement that it's now...

Kickstarted adult-only vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss puckers up for early access

If you've been seeking the most murky of smooches and the darkest of nighttime strolls in your MMORPG adventures, Shadow's Kiss would like to...

Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss pushes Steam early access launch to the turn of the new year

If you've been blood-starved for a vampiric massively multiplayer role-playing game, no doubt you've found yourself waiting to, er, sink your teeth into Shadow's...

Choose My Adventure: All the MMOs you made us play in 2022

This has been a pretty challenging year for a lot of reasons, and my 2022 in Choose My Adventure certainly didn't feel any different...

V Rising teases the markets, castle expansion, biome, and jewels of its first 2023 update

Vampire sandbox V Rising helped carry the year for survival fans, but it won't be resting on its laurels over the holiday season: This...

V Rising launches a randomizer preset, lands on GeForce Now, and preps for a free play weekend

So, what's going on in the vampire survivalbox V Rising? Not much in terms of earth-shattering developments, but there have been a couple of...

V Rising hands out Halloween DLC like candy, preps a free play weekend

Here's a puzzler: How can a game that's thematically about a gothic vampire world create a distinctive Halloween event? We're not quite sure, but...

DC Universe Online begins the Witching Hour with new rewards and a vampire bat race

The time has come for some ghoulish fun in DC Universe Online as the superheroic MMO's Witching Hour Halloween event is coming back for...
Nope, just me.

V Rising delays its first major content patch into 2023

Vampire survival MMO V Rising dominated the gaming landscape back in early summer, with 2.5M copies sold and 150,000 peak players. So you might...

Wisdom of Nym: First impressions of Final Fantasy XIV’s Buried Memory content

Everyone, you need to remember something very important about this patch. Something that it's possible you didn't even know until just now, something that...

Arkane says vampire looter shooter Redfall will be its ‘most ambitious game to date’

Are you prepared to venture into an apocalyptic town where vampires have warped the very essence of reality? "Dude, I haven't even had my...

Global Chat: Dispatches from Blaugust 2022

By now, you may have caught wind of Blaugust 2022 -- the latest season of a community effort to encourage, promote, and educate new...
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V Rising’s first series of regular official server wipes begins this week

Earlier this month, players of V Rising were informed that the game would begin running regular server wipes in the interest of keeping gameplay...

Choose My Adventure: Feeling like a vampire is not the problem with or the solution for V Rising

After these few weeks and hours playing V Rising in its early access state at the time of this column's publishing, I can pretty...

Redfall offers a brief peek at how players can customize their characters

The vampire fighting co-op shooter Redfall is back once again for another preview post of its systems, specifically those that let players customize their...

Choose My Adventure: Customizing my V Rising experience (because my other server was closed)

As that title would suggest, the V Rising server that I was originally playing on just decided to go kaput. The people who were...

TennoCon 2022: Werewolves in Warframe?

Warframe has a very blood oriented frame in Garuda, so the vampire aspect is touched upon. But what about werewolves? Where's a howling beast...

Fight or Kite: Love vampires and battle royales? Here’s what Bloodhunt brings to the table

The latest entrant into the world of BRs comes from the World of Darkness series Vampire: The Masquerade. Even though I’ve played a number...

Choose My Adventure: Boredom and frustration rear their head in V Rising

This week, V Rising decided to remind me why I deeply dislike survival sandboxes. It all started off pedestrian enough for the most part. Over...