Elder Scrolls Online teases possible occult companions, plans EU Xbox hardware refresh tomorrowday


Elder Scrolls Online has two pieces of news this week. First, ZeniMax Online studios told players that the long-awaited hardware “refreshes” are continuing, and the next one on deck – for the European Xbox megaserver.

“The work on Xbox EU is nearing completion and the hardware refresh will occur [this] week,” the studio says. “We are doing the cutover during an extended maintenance on August 16 in Europe. The starting time is August 16 at 12:00am UTC (August 15 at 8:00pm EST) to the estimated end is August 16 at 3:00pm UTC (August 16 at 11:00am EST). Once the maintenance is complete, we will monitor the Xbox EU server performance.”

ZOS also dropped a dev blog last night answering gobs of player questions about companions; the team says some of Sharp’s content was cut for clarity, that it might consider things like a “stand here” command, and there are “big ideas” for expanding the companion system going forward (and those plans involve tweaking older companions). Occult companions might happen someday too:

“Vampire and werewolf companions are not off the table for future companions. There are no plans to increase the companion release rate at this time. (They take a lot of work from many talented developers, and we want to make sure we’re taking the time to get them as good as they can possibly be.)”

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