V Rising debuts a teaser trailer featuring Secrets of Gloomrot gameplay ahead of its May 17 release


The “expansion level” update headed to early access vampire survivalbox V Rising got a pretty important news drop today in the form of a new teaser trailer, which offers a look at the patch’s content in action as the patch inches toward its release date of Wednesday, May 17th. The footage in question is only about 60 seconds long, but it packs in quite a lot for eager fans to look at, including a host of new enemies and bosses, some new magic abilities, and at least one of the promised new weapons in the form of dual pistols, all set in the titular new biome.

“Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands to face the mutated experiments and mechanical wonders spawned from the twisted imaginations of the Trancendum. Hunt the blood of the brilliantly insane to harness the power of lightning and enter a new age of technology. Gloomrot will be one of the bigger regions in the game, almost the size of Dunley Farmlands.”

The gameplay preview is part of Stunlock Studios’ hype machine spool-up for the Secrets of Gloomrot update, which also got a cinematic trailer and May 17th launch date earlier this month. Readers will remember that same announcement also confirmed the suite of features headed to the title, only now some of that can be seen in action below.

sources: press release, YouTube
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