Bethesda vows to ‘keep working on’ Redfall, arguing it doesn’t ‘quit or abandon stuff’

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Microsoft admits Redfall is ‘a miss’ but reaffirms its support of the shooter’s development studio

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Redfall’s messy release prompts apology from Xbox’s Phil Spencer

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Vampire-slaying Redfall posts launch trailer prior to next week’s start

If you have your permit, then we're happy to inform you that it's open hunting season on vampires starting next week in the world...

Redfall tries to sell players on its story beats in the shooter’s latest trailer

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Looter shooter Redfall shows new gameplay and answers questions ahead of May launch

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Minecraft Legends and co-op shooter Redfall confirm release dates in Xbox developer showcase

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Arkane says vampire looter shooter Redfall will be its ‘most ambitious game to date’

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E3 2021: Bethesda’s Redfall pits co-op teams against a vampire invasion

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