Fallen Earth Classic sees ‘more players online at the same time than any time in the last six years’


Maybe all MMOs should be taken offline for a couple of years to increase their popularity when they are brought back? This wasn’t the intent that Little Orbit had when it took Fallen Earth offline in 2019 and then restored it last month, but it’s had that effect anyway.

Congrats to the Fallen Earth players who chose to come out and celebrate Halloween,” said Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott. “According to SteamCharts, #FallenEarthClassic had more players online at the same time than any time in the last six years!”

Little Orbit has had its hands full getting Fallen Earth Classic running properly, especially in regard to activating Commander status to all of the players. Scott reported that “the launch has been bumpy but fun. Plenty of small things for us to look at in order to streamline the player experience.”

Fallen Earth Classic relaunched on October 28th as a completely free MMO while Little Orbit forges forward with plans to rebuild the game from the ground-up.

Source: Twitter
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