Redfall reawakens with a new patch that improves stability, combat, enemy spawns, and gamepad control


The post-launch life of the multiplayer FPS Redfall has been one marred by an icy reception from critics and gamers, reports of a chaotic development cycle, multiple apologies out of Microsoft, assurances from Bethesda that it’s not giving up on the title, and perhaps most importantly, a lack of updates since June.

That four month span of general silence has finally been broken by Arkane Austin, which put forth Update 2 this week with the aim of improving performance, making the game world more dangerous, and adding features for gamepad users.

The performance improvements added with the patch include a performance mode for Xbox Series consoles, better performance and stability for PC players, specific fixes for memory crashes and AMD graphics cards, better navigation, and some tweaks to hero abilities.

In terms of gameplay, there are new improvements for aim assist and deadzone tuning for gamepad players and PC players, as well as the addition of stealth takedowns for certain foes, an increase in overall enemy population across the open world, better mission balancing, and increased ammo pickups in areas surrounding the Fire Station to help new players maintain early-game resources.

Finally on the multiplayer side of things, there are better ping visuals and more distinct player indicators. It’s not a patch full of content, but it does try to smooth out the shooter’s myriad wrinkles all the same.

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