Looter shooter Redfall shows new gameplay and answers questions ahead of May launch


Red is the thematic color and fall is what the vampires shall be doing when Redfall releases this coming May 2nd. For those looking forward to Arkane Entertainment’s upcoming open world looter shooter, there are a couple new videos that should tide a fan’s interest for a day or so.

The first is a nearly three-minute gameplay trailer in which characters explore the forever-Halloween atmosphere of this title:

But even more meaty was a follow-up eight-minute question-and-answer video with Production Designer Ben Horne. Topics include the looting system, the “unique spin” of vampire weapons (UV rifles! Stake guns!), the hand-crafted world, “thousands of lines of readables,” different playstyles, and the studio’s first foray into multiplayer design.

“We have this aspirational goal to deliver the biggest, most ambitious setting that we ever have,” said Horne.

Source: YouTube, 2
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