Redfall offers a brief peek at how players can customize their characters


The vampire fighting co-op shooter Redfall is back once again for another preview post of its systems, specifically those that let players customize their character and arsenal. After all, facing off against vampires and cultists will require creative solutions in offense and defense.

First off, players can customize their chosen character’s skills with skill points, which are earned by completing main quests and side quests. These points can not only be used to improve individual character abilities like Layla’s psychic umbrella shield and Jacob’s raven scout, but also can be used to improve broader improvements like health recovery, item storage, or weapon-specific upgrades.

On the subject of weapons, players will find a broad variety of guns to shoot, from cobbled together firearms to military-grade hardware. Of course, seeing such advanced weapons in a small island in Massachusetts is kind of weird, and the post hints that clue is part of the game’s broader mystery.

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