Fallout 76 patches in One Wasteland and Season Two with today’s update

One one one.

Henceforth, there will be no more divisions of wastelands within Fallout 76! It’s all one irradiated mess, after all, and now you won’t have to be gated by arbitrary level restrictions with the game’s One Wasteland update. Now enemies and rewards will scale according to your level, meaning that you can wander all over the demolished mess of Appalachia with impunity. Or, more accurately, when you get torn apart by irradiated beasts you can’t claim that it’s the fault of a level disparity.

The update also brings with it Season Two of the game’s seasonal content, with a new S.C.O.R.E. board to advance along for cosmetic rewards. The addition of Daily Ops sadly does not keep up the pattern by being linked to the number three, but it does give players new things to do in a group, and the addition of new Legendary Perks will make you even more epic when you are in a group. Or when you’re alone, wandering the aforementioned one wasteland.


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I started a new character for this patch just to see how it plays and the game is way harder now. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. I am using way more ammo, food and resources to get through even basic quests.

I am not sure how I feel about this patch but my first thoughts are it needs tweaking for low levels a little as you don’t have perks to mitigate some of these issues. Spending a good chunk of your available ammo just to kill a couple of on level molerats is not right.

I am going to play this newbie character till at least 50 to give it a fair go and will see how I feel then . I am sure I will get round to my high level characters and explore legendary perks eventually but I wanted to try the newbie experience first.

Also R.I.P. one handed melee.

John Mclain

Normally such a system annoys me, I hated it in all the elderscrolls games. However it works in Fallout 76, since all the enemies are too easy regardless of what level they are, so it just means you can get more xp across the entire map now.


Yeah they’re not pretending that they didn’t take the idea from ESO.

David Goodman

Man i wish this had happened before I reached level 50. :( Not exactly thrilled or engaged by their “seasons” but then again, that sort of thing doesn’t engage me in any game it’s implemented in.

I’m waiting for improvements and significant changes to the building before i consider coming back. Give us wedge foundations for Moth Man’s sake – every version of ARK (e.g., all of the Ark-clones created by the developers that are reskinned to add pirates or magic) has wedge foundations. Conan Exiles has wedge foundations.


C’mon already. Also, camp budgets are B.S., building restrictions are just arcane, and we should be able to decorate stuff without having to resort to glitches just to put items on shelves.