Fallen Earth’s Grunch event gives way to the First Night event


Events! Fallen Earth is actually getting events! That alone is a good thing when the game has sadly quietly languished for years; it’s almost like the new owners promised to really do right by this game or something. Players can take part in the Grunch event right now if they’d like to do so, with the First Night event taking place next week starting on December 19th.

The Grunch is… well, look, you can probably guess that it’s a thin reskinning of How The Grinch Stole Christmas from the name itself. Considering that there’s no snow or even a wholly functional culture out in the wasteland, we’d assume there’s not a whole lot to steal, but the effort is made. First Night, meanwhile, celebrates researchers actually figuring out when the new year is supposed to start and getting the Wasteland’s calendar back on track. It’s a good sign of what we can only hope is more to come in the future; there’s the promise of a new event on its way, which is the first big activity the game has seen in many years.

Source: Official site; thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!
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Aiun Tanks

Fallen Earth? I haven’t heard that name in years… I really miss the crafting in that. Might be time to fire up the ol’ Steam client and watch it freak the hell out before pointing me to some website somewhere else for repeated patch downloads. :D

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It just starts the patcher, nothing special to fear.