‘Apocalyptic sandbox MMO’ Fear the Night is Snail Games’ new zombie survival title


Remember back when zombies were all the rage? Now even H1Z1 has decided zombies are passe, but here we are with the launch of another zombie survival game this week: Snail Games’ Fear The Night, which has hit early access and aims to stay there about a year during development. The studio is calling it a “apocalyptic sandbox MMO” and “sandbox survival horror” game where you “team up with other survivors” to “work together to rebuild society from its ashes or choose to trust no one and go your own way in a lawless world.”

“Various systems are in place, such as combat and crafting. Players will be able to play online and use co-op, access different challenges during day and night periods, battling zombies and utilizing all types of available resources to craft items and gear to survive,” Snail says. “Currently the full release plans to include additional types of zombies, additional types of UA robots, weather/seasonal systems, as well as vehicles. Events based around hordes of zombies attacking certain locations during a full moon are also in the works.”

The game’s currently on sale for about 11 bucks on Steam, where reviews from the last week are currently “mixed.”


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My first thoughts – Just what we need. Another Early Access, Zombie Survival game.

My second thoughts – It doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting and I may possibly try it :P

Robert Mann

Zombooooooorrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg! Seriously, what is with this whole zombie apocalypse thing still even being made, and especially with such terribly threat-less zombies?

I just cannot find anything to better express this than these three letters: WTF.


Quick! Someone find the time portal that leads to 2010!

Bruno Brito

Late, bad and clearly, clunky.

Never change, Snail.


I read that as “Apocalyptic sandbox MMO Fear the Snails”. o.O

Bryan Correll

I guess it’s no surprise that Snail is late to the party.


WOW that looks bad. Impressively so.


Ha-Ha-Ha. April fools joke, right? Right?


I lost interest the moment I saw “Snail Games”. They make Korean cash shop grinders look good.

Aiun Tanks

“…or choose to trust no one and go your own way in a lawless world.”

Yeah, so that had me thinking, ‘tHe ReAl MoNsTeR iS mAn!!11’ = Nope.

But apparently this one has dedicated servers, PVE-only server options, a sticky discussion thread from the developer on how to turn a dedicated server into a single-player experience, and plans to implement properly-supported true Single-Player. (Which was apparently available earlier in development, but is currently, “temporarily disabled”.)

Sooo… I’m interested. I like the tone set by whoever wrote the feature set on the Steam store page, at least.

Also, zombies will never get old or passe and I will never stop buying zombie games and movies so nyeah!