Starbase returns from radio silence with plan for new navigation, territory control, and PvE


In May of last year, we expressed some concern about Starbase, the sci-fi crafting sandbox from Frozenbyte, particularly since it received little more than an itty-bitty patch in May of last year; after that, things have been mostly quiet past an announced in-game event last February. Now as we near the end of April, Frozenbyte has elected to awaken from hibernation with a new video promising several content updates.

Chief among these updates is a new and improved public test server, which will be broken up into its own downloadable piece as opposed to accessible through a lengthy download from Steam’s game management system. The studio is also planning to introduce siege mechanics and the ability for player guilds to form nations by building stations.

The video outlines further additions like a universe map, warp travel, plans for PvE content like dynamic events and derelict construct exploration (most of which involves fighting turrets), a ship and station editor that lets players plan out blueprints for constructs, and much more. Unfortunately none of these features has any launch date, but the end of the video does state that things will be rolling out in waves and many features are being tested internally.

source: YouTube
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