Players cast doubts about The Quinfall’s claims as studio reaffirms January 30 closed beta date


Following the absolute oil fire that was The Day Before, gamers are becoming more and more skeptical of large promises being made by The Quinfall. Readers may remember that Turkish studio Vawraek Technology’s claimed last year that it was building the “biggest MMORPG universe in the world” – a statement and series of promises that already raised a few eyebrows – while the studio continued to sprinkle out visual previews and class reveals.

Redditors continue to raise the alarm, casting aspersions about Vawraek’s presumed company size, pointing out how a photo from the studio’s website is a doctored stock image, and suggesting that its game description was generated by ChatGPT.

The post also clips a message from the game’s Discord where one of the devs claims that the MMO will have “18 million collectible and interactable objects” and raises suspicions about a projected 50GB install size on Steam, noting that The Day Before’s size was also similar while providing no sandbox world.

Meanwhile, Quinfall has continued to crank out preview snippets of combat during the holiday season, with a look at a spear weapon, a Battle Healer class, and what appears to be an ice mage, each post promising more previews and details soon.

The MMO’s Discord has also seen the studio reaffirm its plans for a January 30th closed beta and promise to send out access keys soon. The same message also notes that its Steam page release date of January 30th will be updated to reflect its open beta date “in the near future” – information about what this date may be wasn’t provided.

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