Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Final Fantasy XV collaboration next week

Good car, bad game.

It’s time to get back in the car, loser, because Final Fantasy XIV is going collaborating. (Note: this applies to people who are not losers as well, it’s an affectionate use of the word.) The collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV is returning to the game once more on February 28th, meaning that players who haven’t yet played it can have access to the outfit pieces, the four-person Regalia car mount, and various orchestrion rolls while the event runs through March 13th.

Players who have already experienced the quest but wish to do so again for whatever reason (we won’t judge much) can use the seasonal event replay feature to head back through the old quests, so you can re-experience the moments. Of course, this will not be an issue for players in the Xbox beta, which started today to some excitement and some people noting that you will have to pay for Game Pass as well as the game subscription.

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