Ragnarok Online kicks off a collab event with Sonic the Hedgehog today


Ragnarok Online has been running for a pretty long while now, but we’re certain that the MMORPG has never held a collaboration event with Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. That changes this week, as the game will be featuring the famous Blue Blur, his friends, and his enemies in a special event running between March 26th and April 23rd. And like any good cross-realm event, it starts with what reads like an isekai setup:

“Lively with recently enriched books, an adventurer roamed the bookshelves of the western library of Prontera. But a haze of light suddenly opened in that library. Even though it’s the first time seeing it, the adventurer feels like I have met him before. What is this nostalgic feeling…? What lies beyond the haze…”

Whatever the rationale, players will be tasked with freeing kidnapped animals from the daily dungeon of Dr. Eggman’s secret base, earning various currencies that can be traded in for boost items, Sonic-themed costumes and costume minis, and a Chao Egg pet that grants stat boosts for players. If this is your kind of thing, then turn on your favorite Sonic game music (respect to Crush 40 but big love to Kellin Quinn) and prepare to go fast.

source: official site. Thanks, Tom!
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