Star Trek Online reups its First Contact Day event today with returning activities and new rewards


While First Contact Day is technically on April 5th, players of Star Trek Online will be celebrating the fictional historic event between April 11th (today) and May 2nd because that’s when the First Contact Day event will make its return to the MMORPG.

Playable content for the event itself will be familiar to regular players, with the return of the Synth Wave TFO, a mission to Bozeman to stop the Borg from messing with the timeline, and a competition to build and launch a Phoenix rocket replica.

Speaking of models, a tiny toy replica of the original Phoenix rocket that can be placed on the ground is one of the new rewards for the event, along with a holo-emitter that changes shuttles into the Phoenix, and a photon burst rifle weapon.

Most of the goodies are locked behind the usual daily progress track as with other special events, so those who want these items along with dilithium ore and a captain specialization point will need to carve out 14 days’ worth of free time. Every player who completes at least one daily activity will also get 17 account-wide comm badge cosmetics. However this all shakes down for you, the celebration is about to begin.

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