Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives the scribing system arriving with Gold Road


Probably the most compelling content coming in Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road – and certainly the system that’ll stick to the ribs long after the storyline is over – is the new scribing system. While it’s not exactly the same as the inscription systems in single-player Elder Scrolls titles that aren’t worried about letting you make a spell that can make you invincible, it’s the next best thing. And for those who haven’t been paying attention, ZeniMax has now released a deep-dive into the system, explaining what it’s for – and why you’re going to want to use it.

“Scribing is a new system that is really focused on roleplay and choice,” ZeniMax’s Kira Ross Schlitt says. “So we’ve given [players] agency over their skills. We have 11 new skills that you can customize; these skills are called grimoires. Each of these grimoires can be customized in three ways: a focus script, which allows you to change the main function of the ability; a signature script, which gives you access to some very interesting unique effects; and an affix script, which is giving you access to the major and minor buff system that you’ve come to know and love.”

Just note that you’ll need to own Gold Road to actually engage with the scribing quests. The whole deep-dive is below!

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