Overwatch 2 is collaborating with Cowboy Bebop on March 12


There are times when crossover events just seem like a bad idea at first glance. Not because of world inconsistencies, but… well, Overwatch 2 crossing over with Cowboy Bebop is a bad idea because Overwatch 2 has never been even half as cool as Cowboy Bebop. Very few things on the planet are as cool as Cowboy Bebop. So you can slap Cassidy in a Spike Spiegel skin, but it doesn’t make Cassidy cool; it makes Cassidy into a character cosplaying as a cool character. You see the problem.

On the bright side, you do have the character skins (which also include Ashe becoming Faye, Mauga becoming Jet, and Sombra as Edward) and the series music, so it’s impossible to pretend that the presence of Cowboy Bebop will not make things feel at least somewhat cooler. And it might inspire you to watch Cowboy Bebop again, so that’s good. Check out the trailer just below if that sounds like your jam after all.


Source: Press release
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