Last Epoch puts out a fix-filled patch for controllers, UI, and server-crashing skills


The latest update for Last Epoch is another one of those decidedly unsexy but still necessary bug fixing patches. These things have to happen, especially when one of the bugs involves skills that were literally crashing the game’s servers.

The impact of the bugs being addressed in the update aren’t quite so dire but still are important, as they address controller-specific binding oddness, quest progression bugs, UI and tooltips disappearing, and strange skill behaviors like transforming back to human form making player characters invisible.

On the subject of strange skill behaviors, this update will hotfix the Ghostflame ability, while a later hotfix will update the Dive Bomb ability, both of which are the abilities that have such a performance impact that they’re making servers crash. The devs admit that these changes will lower the power of both abilities, but explain that more appropriate balancing goes through a more involved series of steps and the skills in question needed to be handled sooner rather than later. Even so, Eleventh Hour promises that mid-cycle balance changes won’t be the norm unless player feedback suggests it should reconsider its stance.

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