War Thunder previews the Jaguar IS coming as a reward for the Sword of Justice event


In a game that involves a lot of airplanes flying around doing airplane fighting things (shooting missiles, doing barrel rolls, riding into the danger zone) there is a perpetual need to bring new and interesting things to the table. So War Thunder is bringing the Jaguar IS, an Indian plane known as the Sword of Justice, to the game as the big reward for the Sword of Justice event. It has over-wing pylons for air-to-air missiles! That’s different, isn’t it?

Beyond that particular difference, of course, there’s the fact that the jet is excellent as both an air and ground strike craft with powerful bombs, but it does suffer from having fewer onboard cannons and carrying many of the same performance restrictions as the normal Jaguar. Still, if you’re more interested in the dedicated strike craft role instead of just the momentary visual flash of “huh, over-wing pylons, that’s different,” you can read all about the Jaguar IS on the official site.

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