Lost Ark warns cheaters following ‘major ban wave’ of bots and RMT accounts


Last week was apparently a bad time to be a botting or RMT account in Lost Ark, as Amazon Games whipped out its banhammer and swung in huge arcs at bot and RMT accounts, lauding “a major ban wave” that occurred in the game while also promising the development of measures “to better identify and action against RMT at scale.”

The rest of the post takes a moment to “reiterate [Amazon Games’] stance on RMT and correct some misconceptions […] circulating in the community,” explaining that any gold bought by players is removed, that found infractions are punished on an escalating basis, and that gold washing is also tracked. The post finally asserts that Amazon doesn’t lighten punishment on RMT accounts that spend money on the cash shop, as the latest ban wave included accounts that did just that.

“We know that RMT is a top player concern and negatively impacts the in-game economy for all players,” the post promises at the end. “While we can’t always share a look into our plans, we are persistently combating bots and RMT.”

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