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Lost Ark warns cheaters following ‘major ban wave’ of bots and RMT accounts

Last week was apparently a bad time to be a botting or RMT account in Lost Ark, as Amazon Games whipped out its banhammer...

Dungeon Fighter Online grants compensation after catching former dev criming with an RMT ring

It's not often that Dungeon Fighter Online makes it to our headlines but that's mostly because the game just keeps on keepin' on with...

Blizzard suggests WoW Token RMT in WoW Classic is ‘for the good of the community’ because of RMT bots

World of Warcraft's WoW Classic community has been on fire for the last few days following Blizzard's announcement that it will port the WoW...
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BitCraft considers how to manage its in-game free trade system against the specter of real-money trading

While the dev blogs out of BitCraft can sometimes feel meager when it comes to expected information like gameplay feature deep-dives or release window...
These are your final days.

Final Fantasy XIV bans over 5,000 accounts for RMT activity

Trading real money for gil in Final Fantasy XIV is expressly forbidden. Players shouldn't do that if they want to keep their accounts. Apparently more...
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Albion Online bans more than 600 accounts for buying currency

You are probably aware that buying Silver in Albion Online from a third-party site is not allowed, not least because there's a legitimate first-party option...
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An MMO character ‘worth’ $1.4M was sold in China for $552

So here's a fun story of people being particularly... odd. Let's go with odd. Player A, hereafter referred to as "Scrooge McDuck," spends the...

City of Heroes Homecoming is now banning accounts for… real-money trading

If you thought you could get away with a bit of gold-selling or gold-buying on the side while participating in City of Heroes' rogue...

The Daily Grind: What’s been the biggest change to the MMORPG genre in the last 20 years?

A while back, there was a thread on Reddit from a younger MMO player who was curious about changes to the way players perceived...

CCP outlaws gambling in EVE Online, bans RMT organizations

Changes to EVE Online's EULA coming in November with the launch of Ascension and the free-to-play conversion will effectively outlaw gambling, which has been a...

Star Wars: The Old Republic cracks down on RMT ring

In the MMO community, shady websites selling game currency for real currency are considered especially heinous. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, these operations...