Star Wars: The Old Republic cracks down on RMT ring

In the MMO community, shady websites selling game currency for real currency are considered especially heinous. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, these operations are shut down by an elite squad known as the Creditseller Destroyers. OK, not really; we don’t know what it’s called. We just know that it’s been active because we’ve been informed that it just busted up a nice big credit-selling ring.

It might not even be a squad at all, but that doesn’t play into a Law & Order joke.

A post on the official SWTOR forums reveals that the team had been watching a large ring that spanned hundreds of accounts and took action to shut the whole thing down at once. The net result was hundreds of accounts banned and over nine billion credits removed from the circle. You can probably make your own jokes about whether or not the sellers in question would have made the Hutts proud.

[Source: Official forums; thanks to Tibi and Khalith for the tip!]
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