Final Fantasy XIV bans over 5,000 accounts for RMT activity

These are your final days.

Trading real money for gil in Final Fantasy XIV is expressly forbidden. Players shouldn’t do that if they want to keep their accounts. Apparently more than 5,000 people didn’t get that message, as the latest dispatch from the development team has announced that 5,037 accounts participating in RMT have been terminated as part of the ongoing staff effort to find and penalize those who take part in these prohibited activities.

Another 814 accounts were also terminated for advertising RMT services, although it’s more likely these were accounts used by automated bots. Players are encouraged to use the quick report option to submit information of suspected RMT activity, naturally, especially seeing suspiciously synchronized clouds of characters with gibberish names moving as a group. The lesson here? Don’t engage in RMT or your account might be terminated. Neither a buyer nor a seller be.

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