ArcheAge posts mysterious teaser that ‘something is coming’


Usually the phrase “Prepare yourself — something’s coming” would be of great excitement to any MMORPG player. But we can’t help but think that when this is applied to the oft-controversial ArcheAge, it has the potential to be a terrifying omen.

In any case, Gamigo posted a “coming soon” video teaser that shows insects fleeing an energy wave that seems to resurrect buried bodies. The video mentions both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained, so presumably it’s some sort of new feature or content (or even a mount?) that will be applied to every version of the MMO.

We do know one thing that’s coming soon, however: fresh start servers. Even as Gamigo is consolidating realms this month, it’s going to be opening up at least a pair of brand-new shards for players to experience.

Source: Twitter
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