An MMO character ‘worth’ $1.4M was sold in China for $552

With guest appearances by the cast of Ducktales

Now my stats are good!

So here’s a fun story of people being particularly… odd. Let’s go with odd. Player A, hereafter referred to as “Scrooge McDuck,” spends the equivalent of $1.4 million on a character in NetEase’s MMORPG¬†Justice Online. Scrooge then lends the use of the character to Player B, hereafter referred to as “Launchpad McQuack.” Having been loaned a valuable character, Launchpad attempted to sell the character¬†back to Scrooge… but apparently wound up listing the price far lower than intended, winding up with Player C, hereafter referred to as “Donald,” purchasing the character for just $552.

As a result of all this, Scrooge learned a valuable lesson about the actual worth of virtual goods and the senselessness of investing that much money in a character, by which we of course mean that he sued both NetEase and Launchpad over the incident. The judge in the case ultimately reversed the transaction but ordered Scrooge to pay Donald over $12,000 in restitution for the erroneous transaction. Thus, we can see the clear winner in this story is… people who don’t put nearly this much money into video games, seriously. Any other victories are secondary.

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