EverQuest II producer’s letter sheds light on August’s Immeasurable Menagerie update


You know, we’ve got to give Daybreak some credit for really upping the profile of the EverQuest games this past year. Case in point, a lengthy and informative new producer’s letter from studio head Jenn Chan that recapped everything that EverQuest II has done this year so far as well as the first inklings of its next big game update.

Speaking to that last point, EverQuest II’s Game Update 126 will be called The Immeasurable Menagerie and should release next month. It sounds intriguing, too: “Abandoning his laboratory in Everfrost for one unbound by time, realities, and Celestial interference, this Miragul is hopping through time and space, plucking beings and locations from places he visits and weaving them into an intricate and elaborate arena. But for what? Why is he doing this? What is his end goal? Why have you been summoned?”

In addition to GU126, EverQuest II will be populating the next few months with returning events, a Masquerades of Divinity update, the prelude to this fall’s expansion, and new “Panda, Panda, Panda!” content.

Daybreak is also going to host a panel on its MMOs at San Diego Comic-Con on July 26th with a presentation called “Revolutionizing Legends: The Evolution of Iconic Online Games.”

Source: EverQuest II
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