Rumor: Sea of Thieves may be coming to other consoles


Here is a dollop of spicy rumor to float in your grog: Sea of Thieves may be coming to the PlayStation and Switch in the near future. This comes from Giantbomb’s Jeff Grubb, who relayed some information that he was hearing from insiders.

Sea of Thieves, right,” Grubb said on his morning show. “I’ll say I’ve heard that is one that might be coming to other platforms. When I first started hearing these rumors, I was like, ‘Oh this is probably about Sea of Thieves┬ábecause I’ve heard that could come to Switch and PlayStation.’ And maybe that might be the kind of thing where like, actually all of this stuff is happening, and Microsoft is kind of trying to rejigger its strategy.”

This rumor appears to be corroborated by former Axios and Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo, who also posted that he had heard Microsoft was interested in porting the PvP pirate simulator to PlayStation. Suffice it to say that if this is true, it will be a notable shift of strategy for Microsoft and how it deals with its formerly Xbox-exclusive titles.

You can hear Grubb discuss this at 10:40 in the show:

Source: YouTube
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