Destiny 2 outlines April 30 Pantheon activity and The Final Shape’s HUD updates


While much of what’s happening in Destiny 2 is naturally focused on the content release that is Into the Light, Bungie’s weekly newsletter continues to offer a few peeks forward into the near and distant future of the shooter, with some rundowns of a new activity coming later this month and some HUD quality-of-life tweaks arriving with The Final Shape.

Tuesday, April 30th, will introduce the Pantheon activity, a gauntlet of raid boss encounters with “a few twists.” The activity will start with four such bosses, then continue to ramp up the scale and difficulty each week, up to a point where there will be eight bosses to take down in a row by May 21st. Naturally, this will also have commensurate rewards for going deep into the boss rush, such as exotic weapons, adept raid weapons, and deepsight versions of raid weapons.

Bungie then goes into some deep detail on HUD changes that will release with the Final Shape expansion, which is primarily focused on displaying buffs and encounter modifiers. There will now be two places where relevant information appears – above the player’s health and shield bar and over the player’s super bar – which allows for more buff and modifier details to be displayed on-screen. The new HUD will also prioritize certain player buffs such as weapon or ability procs, and several related icons will see a visual update.

The remainder of the weekly newsletter confirms the loot rotations that will take place on June 4th, a charity drive to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Seattle, and a recap of the earlier reveals for Final Shape.

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