PSA: Elder Scrolls Online is handing out its Thieves Guild DLC for free starting April 15

And all you have to do is pickpocket an NPC


Who doesn’t love free DLC? If you’re an Elder Scrolls Online player and an in-game thievery enjoyer, then an anniversary promotion has you covered, as players can get their hands on a free copy of the Thieves Guild DLC for a limited time.

Snagging this free add-on is a simple matter of getting the Pocket Picker achievement, which is earned by stealing something from any NPC in Tamriel. Better yet, players who already have earned the achievement can claim the DLC without doing anything more; simply head to the in-game store and claim the DLC, which unlocks the Thieves Guild organization, storyline, and skill tree, along with the location of Hew’s Bane.

The DLC handout is part of a wider event that celebrates the Thieves Guild, including ramped-up rewards for daily and weekly endeavors related to the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood and a free mount for completing the Hew’s Bane Cave Delver achievement. Incidentally, the Dark Brotherhood DLC is available at a 20% discount.

The whole kit n’ kaboodle will be running for two weeks, between April 15th and April 29th, so make sure your fingers are good and sticky so you can yoink some free DLC content.

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