Elder Scrolls Online hands out a generous compensation package for locked accounts


In one of the darker chapters of Elder Scrolls Online’s history, this past week saw the game lock down and roll back many accounts due to an issue with the PTR that spilled onto the live servers. As ZeniMax continues to unlock and restore accounts into this weekend, the studio revealed a very generous compensation package to those affected.

This package includes 16,000 Seals of Endeavor, five gift boxes, 25 confetti packs, and several style pages. As some players noted, the amount of Seals are enough to outright purchase a radiant apex mount. Additionally, all players in the game are getting 200 Seals and seeing the Anniversary celebration extended until April 25th.

While affected players no doubt are reveling in their unexpected good fortune, the quality of this compensation package has put a sour taste in other players’ mouths. As one player put it, “Amassing 16K seals of endeavor takes several months and to get their corresponding reward — a radiant apex mount — you would need to splurge thousands of crowns on crates and either hope to get good RNG or pay enough money to save up lots of crown gems.”

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