Undecember is a new hack-and-slash title on the way for Android and Steam on October 12

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So here’s the problem. You kind of like Diablo Immortal, but you don’t like the game’s exceedingly awful monetization system or the fact that playing it supports a remarkably sleazy company. What can you do? Well, perhaps you might find some of the answer to that by figuring out which month it is, because Undecember is on its way for Android devices and PC users on Steam starting on October 12th.

The game is a classless hack-and-slash (as in “no set classes” not “tacky”) that’s been out in South Korea for some time at this point, and according to players of the game the monetization model is less aggressive than the aforementioned obvious point of comparison. You can get more of a sense of the game from watching the cinematic trailer and the gameplay trailer just below, with the game’s YouTube channel available for extensive perusal with even more videos. And there’s even a demo available right now on Steam if you want to see whether it satisfies your needs for hacking and/or slashing.

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