Genshin Impact marks its second year of operation with an hour-long concert


We’re already very familiar that Genshin Impact has an outstanding soundtrack (after I shook Justin enough times about it), and fans of the multiplayer RPG are likely familiar with that fact as well. So what better way to mark the game’s two year anniversary than with an hour-long concert?

The show, which debuted on YouTube late Saturday night, provides “new pieces composed by HOYO-MiX for the second year, along with new renditions of the game’s well-loved melodies.” While the show may not have been live, the performers were, with a full orchestra playing some outstanding tunes. You can take in the full video after the cut.

Meanwhile, the game is continuing to celebrate the release of version 3.1, this time holding a TikTok video event along with yet another web event, which award Primogems or Adventure Coins to players.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2), thanks to Flatline4400 for the tip!
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